Monday, 25 November 2013

The Aarushi Talwar Case

I double checked my doors tonight before slipping into bed. I was scared of the slightest noise, even of my own shadow because today we revisited the horrors of the Aarushi Talwar case. It isn't over; it hasn't been over for years but today it came back as breaking news. The CBI declared the parents guilty and tomorrow might be the conclusion to this woeful tale of a 14-year old girl. If the CBI is right then, what have we become? Unsafe within our homes.

Aarushi was fourteen about to celebrate her fifteenth birthday soon. She was just a child. She was messaging her friends, reading books, taking 'selfies' and being the girl she was only to meet such a painful and horrifying death. It does make you wonder things. Her death wasn't the only tragic thing that happened to her, while some say she was sexually assaulted before her being killed; others malign her name by making her a willing accomplice in a sexual encounter with a 45 year old man. I'm not saying it cannot happen, I'm saying that she was a child. Children make mistakes. It might've been a grave one but it was what it was...a mistake.

The Inspector on the case, General Gurdarshan Singh, said, “He killed her in a fit of rage even though his character was just as poor as his daughter’s (for her relationship with Hemraj).” How dare he comment on her character without knowing her even a bit. How dare he accuse a child of having a morally unacceptable character! She was a child. Children don't have character, they have lessons. How can he comment upon such a sensitive matter with such insensitivity? How on earth can he blame his incapability on the innocence of childhood.

How many of our days are numbered? When we are young, we feel invincible. We feel like nothing can touch us, least of all death but death and misfortune don't care about age nor they do about your plans. They just ambush you; catch you in your unawares and in a blink of an eye all your planning is lost.

Imagine giving birth and nourishing a child for almost fifteen years. Loving her, feeding her, bathing her, teaching her, giving her life and then being blamed for her death. I have no sides. I do not know who committed the crime and I offer no arguments. However for one moment can we pause and think to the predicament of two parents who lost their life to a couple of hours. The human in me appeals to the gods above, if they exist, let it not be the parents. Let it not be the parents because then I might as well leave the doors to my house open; let it not be the parents because then no one can stop us from losing fate in humanity; let it not be the parents because it is the worst possible thing to happen to a child.

We differentiate ourselves from animals but if it the parents, then we are nothing but animals. I know this post is all  over the place but I have written in a flow of emotion because it could have been me. I can only pray now that there exists a god and he is willing to listen to the plight of humanity. Let it not be the parents.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

5 TV Actors You Need To Know

1. Sophia Bush

She is the ultimate 'beauty with brains'. Apart from being absolutely stunning, she is a keen activist and a fantastic actor. What makes her lovable is how genuine she is.

2. Richard Madden

More popularly know as Robb Stark of Game of Thrones, Richard Madden rose to popularity owing to his good looks, his fabulous acting skills and his impeccable sense of style, so much so that millions of female fans wept over his characters death in the popular fantasy drama series. He looks like he has a bright future ahead!

3. Sophia Vergara

The Spanish actress known for her role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in Modern Family earned kudos for her acting even though she is not fluent in English. I love how they incorporated her mispronunciations as part of Gloria's character. She is beautiful, smart and known for dressing well too!

4. Neil Patrick Harris

He's absolutely my favourite actor for being humourous, sexy and such a brilliant actor. His portrayal of Barney Stinson means that I lament for hours every week on why he doesn't exist in real. Oh lord!

5. Peter Dinklage
What's not to love? He's talented, smart and confident about himself. One of the most talented actors I have come across.

Bad show : The Big Bang Theory?

I was reading an article entitled '8 TV Shows We Can’t Believe Get Such High Ratings' and guess which show was on it?! Yes, The Big Bang Theory.

The author wrote - "I’ve watched it. Multiple episodes. I don’t get the appeal. It’s pleasant enough to have on in the background while you’re occupied with something else, but do people really schedule this show into their lives and pay attention to it? The characters are grating, the storylines are the opposite of inventive, and the jokes are blah. Plus, it takes a really good show these days to convince me to sit through a laugh track. This doesn’t do it."

 I obviously do not agree with the views of Miss Jill O’Rourke because frankly speaking TBBT is one of the better shows playing on television today. I absolutely tired of shows that have innumerable heart stopping moments, countless over the top gadgets and a truck load of action scenes. Plus, aren't you tired of crime-fighting shows?

TBBT is one of the those shows you can sit on a lazy Sunday and laugh your way through. So the story line might not be 'inventive' but that's the appeal of the show plus, those nerdy jokes? They take skill and research. They're fantastic. Stephen Hawking thought so!

The characters are grating? Don't you find it absurd how absurd Sheldon is and how much more absurd he makes you feel? I still don't understand why sometimes I feel so tenderly towards Sheldon when it was just in the episode before that, that I wanted to throw him off the roof! He embodies those real life people who annoy us to the extent that we want to wring their necks but their behaviour isn't their fault at all. Leonard, Raj and Howard, Bernadette, Penny and Amy all contain a little bit of reality and really that has been amplified and made into characters. Are the characters 'grating' because they're true?

TBBT is what it is. It's fun, nerdy, intelligent, annoying, slightly provocative and absolute genius. Plus, Sheldon is totally the Spock of today...HOW COOL IS THAT? I suppose you have to be slightly nerdy yourself to watch the show but well...

Do you agree? What do you thinks? Comment below and share your views.

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Viral Video - The Epic Split

This advertisement by Volvo has had over 8.6 million views on Youtube. It has gone absolutely viral! It shows Jean Claude Van Damme, the 56-year-old action hero, balancing himself between two trucks cruising backwards down a highway. The ad demonstrates the effectiveness of Volvo's Dynamic Steering in which the distance between the trucks gradually increases till Van Damme is in position of a perfect split.

Apparently, there has been no use of special effects in the making of this video..what do you think? I've started noticing special effects even in things that don't need them so the claim that apart from airbrushing the safety lines for Van Damme no effects were used is hard to believe but not impossible.

Don't you think there's an awful amount of special effects being used especially to dupe the audience? For exampleL Miranda Kerr Photoshop Confusion.

Anyway, it's a nice video...I think...what do you think?

Thanks for reading!

P.s And here's the video -

Friday, 8 November 2013

ReviewThisWeek: Krrish 3 [Spoiler]

I've done this before. I have commented on movies starring my favourite actors and here I am again but this time, I am more upset than anything. I love Hrithik Roshan. He carries himself well; acts well and looks good. But, he upsets me at times because he doesn't do enough movies. He upset me even more with his Krrish franchise.

It all began with Koi Mil Gaya, a story of an abnormal child who is given superpowers by an alien played by ofcourse Hrithik Roshan. Then came Krrish 2 and not only did Hrithik Roshan reprise his role from his earlier film but also, played the role of his own son. Now, I enjoy double roles sometimes but this one just pissed me off. AND then last week, we saw the release of Krrish 3 in which Hrithik continued his role of the son of the abnormal-turned-intelligent father who became the superhero called (you might've already guessed) Krrish. I so wish the only problem with Krrish 3 (forget the previous films or this post might never end) was that Krrish's father was never invited for his birthday party but it isn't. There's more...alot more.

Although I have immense respect for the Roshans and SRK, for trying to create Indian superheros in a market where the masses literally worship the English superheros and don't appreciate the Indian ones but Krrish 3 is a clear rip off. I have seen Spiderman, X-Men, Superman, Batman and Iron Man way too many times to not realise where they've copied from. For those who argue against me, what are the odds that they came up with a mutant stuck on the wheelchair and able to control objects with his mind on their own? (Charles Xavier anyone?)

There is a very implausible story line and can we stop with the family genetics and hierarchy already? I can't believe that they didn't bother to explore the Alien storyline because aliens just help humans and leave, don't they? (duh!) The songs are too atrocious for me to even comment upon. I'm still confused about Krrish's powers...can he fly? Can he jump? WHAT CAN HE DO? The graphics were way to fake at some moments especially the airplane scene.

I loved Hrithik Roshan in Jodha Akbar, Zindagi Na Milege Dobara, Dhoom 2, Kaho na Pyaar hai and many more but I cannot believe that the father-son duo sat down and gave Krrish 3 a go after watching the movie in its entirety. All I can hope is that there will NOT be a Krrish 4 because I haven't yet gone into the depths and details of the problems of Krrish 3 yet. I sincerely wish that Hrithik will move on to act in other great movies. For now I give Krrish 3 1/5 stars (for attempting VFX).

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Friday, 27 September 2013

Sometimes, everyone just needs some distance...

Sometimes, everyone just needs some distance...

I realise I might not be putting up any posts but I just can't. I have my end of school exams and I have absolutely no time to entertain you guys right now. But, I will...(I also realise that it grammatically incorrect to start a sentence with 'but', but what the heck). Having said that, I was feeling kind of conflicted today and one of my closest friends updated a blog post and that gave me the idea to write a post too. So, here I am...

I gave an online test, which was not really a test but a sort of quiz that judges your personality on the basis of a couple of questions. It seemed pretty accurate. It told me that I was halfway between an Extrovert and an Introvert, which I had realised a couple of times in the past. I love my friends and their company and I love socials but, I'm not a fan of hanging out everyday and sometimes, I like to sit back and read through a good book. I have a couple of really close friends but the problem is, I don't know if we really are best friends.

It used to be a big group of about ten people and slowly, people starting leaving and changing and before we knew it, it was just the five of us. Don't get me wrong, I prefer us now but, sometimes I wonder if all of us are really friends or just...just pretending to be. It's great in movies and soaps and books, you eventually figure out who your 'true' friends are but in real life, and you have probably figured, it's not that easy. I don't think they know who I am. I share their interests and everything but sometimes, I feel like they just don't get me. Honestly, it's just a feeling and I have no proof whatsoever...but, it just feels so.

Some say school friends last for life because they are they only ones who are with you when you grow into the person you are. They are the only ones who don't become friends with you for who you are or what your job is or how much you earn. I've been with them long enough but, I wonder- will it last? I feel this strange sort of unease. I wish we could really be the How I Met Your Mother of real life but when, Barney's brother asked Robin, "Do you think your relationship is so fragile?", she said " I don't want to find out." And honestly, neither do I. And then sometimes I feel I they really care about me? Any advice, anyone?

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Au revoir..

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


And indeed I will! This morning one of my friends mispronounced 'bury' and when, I proceeded to correct him like the Grammar Nazi that I am, he insisted that he was correct. What was worse was that he was joined by another one of my friends. Two against one, I was losing badly and common sense suggested that their pronunciation was indeed accurate but, I was more than certain that my pronunciation of the word was correct since, my mother had drilled it into me ( for which I am more than grateful). See, the correct pronunciation of 'bury' would be similar to 'berry' whereas, the incorrect one and the most often misused pronunciation is rhymes with 'curry'. 

I had no choice but to 'bury' the topic for the moment ("Humorous play on words." *Sheldon laugh*) and wait, to strike back when I had more evidence. The moment I returned home, I logged on to the computer and furiously googled the correct pronunciation of bury. Satisfied that I was right, I, then, forwarded the links to them which resulted in a severe mocking in relation to my interests. Friends are cruel. However, I did not have any time to pay heed as I came across links that led me to a variety of the most commonly mispronounced words. It was a learning experience but I felt that some words could not have been as "commonly" mispronounced as the links claimed due to the nature of the words themselves. For instance: Chimera which is word hardly anyone uses in day to day vocabulary. Anyway, as a result, I decided to create my own version which is - 20 MOST MISPRONOUNCED AND ILL-USED WORDS.

1) INTERESTING: It perhaps the most ill-treated word in the English language. Unfortunately, I find that people decide to skip the first 'e' of the word resulting in an odd sounding 'intrasting' instead of the appropriate pronunciation - 'Intresting' [ˈɪntrəstɪŋ]. The vowel is short and sharp.

2) TRUTH - It should be pronounced rhyming with the 'Luth' of the name Luther. There is only one vowel, keep it short. 

3) ATHLETE - Here, I have noticed that often an extra 'e' is added to result in the incorrect pronunciation as 'Athelete'.

4) ESPECIALLY - Lots of people struggle with moving from 's' to 'c' in the word. The 'c' is actually pronounced as 'sh' so, the word is 'e-spe-shially' in contrast to what I commonly hear which is more like 'espesially'. 

5) TOOTH - There is a trend of excess vowels being adjusted in words, again in the case of this ill-treated word. It is not 'tuth', it's "Too-th'

6) PRONUNCIATION - Ironically, the word 'pronunciation' is both misspelled and mispronounced as 'pronoUnciation' with that extra, unnecessary 'u' in the middle...wot? why?

7) MISCHIEVOUS - There is only 'vous' at the end, not 'vious'. Be careful!

8) MAYONNAISE - A word that three-fourths of the mayonnaise eating population struggles with like I once did. When in doubt, remember, the abbreviation 'Mayo' is indeed the first part of the word completing to form 'mayonnaise' not 'mannaise'.

9) HERO - The whole of India is guilty of this particular mistake. It is pronounced something like 'Hiero' rather than 'Hee roh'. Let's get it right!

10) ESPRESSO - Not 'expresso'.

11) BLUE - As in 'blu' not 'biloo'. 

12) PEAR - The one which rhymes with 'Pair' not with 'Pier'.

13) BOWL - There is no such thing as a 'bowl' (almost but not completely like 'bowel') but if you're saying 'boul', I know what you're talking about. 

14) VOWEL - Do not say 'vau-well', it is absolutely wrong. Try ˈvaʊəl' though.

15) ALMONDS - Pronounced with the 'l' silent just like the 'k' in knight. Would you like some 'a-monds'?

16) DEVELOP- If you're going to say, 'dee-velop', you're fine but, if you have been saying 'deyvelop'

17) COMFORTABLE - Is pronounced 'comftble' rather than 'come-for-table'...honestly...

18) PIZZA - So often used, so often wrong. Correct pronunciation is 'piːtsə'; neither 'piz-za' nor 'pit-za'

19) FINDING-  'information that is discovered as the result of research into something.' As a result, the sentence - 'I am "finding" my notebook' is grammatically incorrect and sounds absolutely awful. A mistake almost every single person I know makes. The better word to be used here is "look for". Please do continue 'looking for your notebook.'

20) SEEING - '(not used in the progressive tensesto become aware of somebody/something by using your eyes' which makes the sentence, 'I'm not used to of seeing you everyday' correct but, you cannot 'see' a movie because, the action stops as soon as the sentence finished. 'I saw you'. Stop. However, I was 'watching' a movie and 'I was watching you' indicates continuous action (and also, stalker-like capabilities) but, for heaven's sake, get this right.

Lastly, I also learnt that the word 'respite' is actually pronounced 'respit' and everyone has it wrong including me. The word 'forte' too is pronounced as 'fort' and not 'fortay' as we do except when you're talking in context of music. Such exciting discoveries. I, of course, did not mention 'your' and 'you're', the most common mistake in the world so much so that there are internet memes based on it. Anyway, I hope you found this fun and enlightening. This is my longest post ever.

Till next time, #Thanksforreading #keepreading #lotsoflavh

ReviewThisWeek: Inferno (No Spoilers)

This month saw the release of Dan Brown's latest addition to the Robert Langdon series. For those of you unaware of this series, please do go ahead and settle yourselves down with either : The Da Vinci Code, Angels&Demons and The Lost Symbol. If not, you might also enjoy Deception Point or Digital Fortress which are equally good. Now, I am a huge Dan Brown fan but, I want to make it clear at the outset that Inferno was disappointing to say the least.

The book begins with Professor Langdon waking up in Florence with no recollection of the last 48 hours. The first half is nail-biting and a real page-turner. The suspense is beautifully maintained as the reader joins Langdon in his journey of discovery. The arrival of Dr Sinskey, however, in the main story line spelt disaster; from there the books commences into a downward spiral. The story unravels almost dashing the hopes and desires and expectations of the reader. Instead of something incredible, the suspense unfolded as a case of, what can be named, as a less well-thought of end. Inferno has tons of information that makes the reader marvel at the author's in depth knowledge as well as his ability to blend comfortably into the flow of the story. It seems, around halfway, that Brown lost the plot or grew to tired of finding links back to all the incidents and separate pieces of knowledge. The end is extremely anti-climatic and almost makes the entire book seem pointless.

Moreover, the editing of the book acts like the incessant buzzing of a fly; floating about at the back of the reader's minds and providing as a source of constant irritation. It seems that large chunks of absolutely unnecessary information is spread out throughout the book which could easily have been edited out had the editor done his job properly. Furthermore, the grammar and the overall structure especially of individual sentences were both lacking and juvenile. Standards, that had been set very high with the The Lost Symbol, a book which I thoroughly enjoyed, fell drastically; enough to make me want to pull out my hair at the inadequacy of specifically the first few chapters. (Or better, smack the silly editor's face with the ginormous hard bound book.)  Had the editor focused himself, the book needn't have been as thick and long as it was.

I had expected so much more from someone so accomplished as Dan Brown himself. He has established himself as one of the few authors who still take into consideration a wider audience which includes the young adults, a group seriously lacking quality material to read. The plot of Inferno stagnated and the story became as unappealing as the cover, which to be honest - I am not a huge fan of. On the bright, the first half of the book was indeed incredible, sending chills down my spine as I hurried through page after page. The concept of the book was one that was very interesting and had huge amounts of relevance in today's world.
Still, the faults of the book far outweigh the successes, and so I will give it only a total of 1.5 / 5 stars.

Till next time-  #keepreading #lotsoflavh #believe

Monday, 20 May 2013

Trust me

Is it remotely possible for something to be so fickle yet to be of such strength as to break all boundaries. 'Trust' - a five letter word that is stronger than love, hope and hate. A three word phrase - 'I trust you' that has the power to make or break a relationship. a feeling acquired painstakingly yet shattered in a moment. An emotion that we bestow on some blindly yet bargain with others for.

When I step out of the house, I trust the man across the street will not strike me down and the bus driver will take me to school. I trust that my teacher will teach me right things and that my friends will miss me when I'm gone. Yet, I choose not to trust when 'he' tells me he loves me and when my sister tells me - 'Trust me, this movie will be good.' I highly doubt that. What do you to when it breaks?

Trust is fickle. It is like a glass bowl. It is carved out of glass and reflects the beauty of the relationship. However, once you drop the bowl, it shatters across the floor and the tiny shards of glass embed themselves in inaccessible places, places where your hands don't reach. The bowl can never be whole again. The bigger pieces can be glued together but the glass is dust now. It's gone. You can never be trusted again. 

You have lost my trust. We will never be friends again.You have hurt me because I stepped on the shards of the broken bowl. Things will never be the same again.

Till next time.. #keepreading #Lotsoflavh

Sunday, 19 May 2013

ReviewThisWeek: Star Trek - Into Darkness

So which of you are Star Trek fans? Then you must have found yourselves siting in the best seat in the cinema, with the tinted 3D glasses on and a tub of popcorn in your hand on the first day of the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness. This time, it came back better than ever with the genius super villain being none other than the fantastic Benedict Cumberbatch from the hit TV series, Sherlock.

This film has a long legacy that this part in particular borrowed greatly from. To an extent, you must at least know who Khan Noonien Singh is. His character was borrowed from the Star Trek TV series and second Star Trek movie, The Wrath Of Khan. Khan is a genetically modified superhuman from India who has an extensive involvement in the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk and crew of starship, 'Enterprise'.

The role of Khan was played breathtakingly by Cumberbatch who brought the screen alive by his inhumane evilness. Of course, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto reprised their roles as Kirk and Spock and continued to entertain us with their love-hate relationship. The action, drama, filming and acting were out of this world and kept the audience hooked till the very last second. Personally, I felt the story felt slightly short however the best scene of the film was the fight between Spock and Khan atop a moving vehicle. We see Spock's human side in his love for Kirk and as the drama unfolds with the death and revival of Captain Kirk, the audience is almost left hanging of their seats in amazement.

I highly recommend watching the film if you haven't already seen it. The legacy of Star Trek continues...and I give this film 4/5 stars

Till the next time :D

"Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the star ship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before." 

Tuesday, 30 April 2013


I've always wondered what is so bad about breakups? Why make such a big deal out of it? Not that I haven't had my fair share of breakups. Oh I have had them and they were painful but what is it that weighs us down and makes every morning bleak and despondent?

A 'Breakup' is a word for when two people are no longer compatible with one another. People change and this happens. But,breakups bring about a change in our lives - parting with someone so close: someone who has known and who we have known so intimately and that is what really makes them painful. So, we mourn. Just like we would mourn a physical loss, we mourn the loss of an emotional relationship. We fight the emptiness the departure creates and I have done it too.

It is only the 'after' breakup that makes the breakups a big deal. A while ago, just after my breakup, a fellow friend told me that she had heard that the only reason my boyfriend and I had broken up was because "He didn't want to anymore." Now, my ex...anyway, we had already talked about 'why' we were parting ways and that was definitely NOT the reason he gave me. [P.S. I was unwilling to part but his concerns were genuine.] You must be all thinking - "So what? Don't believe her? What does she know?" I did too...for the first few days. Slowly, the depression started sinking in, the insecurities surfaced. What if this really was the reason? He didn't want to. The bitterness had been created.

Little rumours; little truths; little insecurities play a huge part in making what is a perfectly normal separation, a   painful and bitter "breakup". There's not a single day that goes by when I don't think about him and it hurts. The wound, the emptiness, the hole...they hurt. "George Bernard Shaw once wrote: 'There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your hearts desire, the other is to gain it.'...Clearly Shaw had his heart broken once or know what? Tragedies happen. What are you gonna do? Give up? Quit? No. I realise now that when your heart breaks you gotta fight like hell to make sure you're still alive. Because you are and that pain you feel, that's life. And the confusion and fear, that's there to remind you that somewhere out there is something better and that something is worth fighting for."

Till then, that's it. #feelbetter #keepreading

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Monday, 29 April 2013

ReviewThisWeek: IRON MAN 3 [spoiler]

Hi guys!
Okay so I am a HUGE Robert Downey Jr fan and subsequently an Iron Man fan, the third installment of which released only last week! I was really excited but also, a tad bit apprehensive specially since, there was a giant furor on its release. Usually, sequels create massive anticipation but never live up to the standards. On the contrary Iron Man 3 was absolutely fantastic!

There was a genuine story! This is a huge problem with movies nowadays - the lack of a good script. The film had a really good plot which was  maintained till the end and wasn't abandoned half way through the film. Furthermore, there was enough action AKA boom pow phew for the people looking forward to good action sequences. What was absolutely brilliant here was the twist in the story with the Mandarin only being the face of the villainous side. On the contrary, he was only a goofy, drug-addicted theater artist [Played by Ben Kingsley]. It provided a hilarious new aspect to the film. Some people might have felt that a few things seemed slightly inconceivable but, what was kept in mind during the production of the film was that this was post-Avengers, which means post-two gods and an army of aliens, movie.

The acting was absolutely fantastic and what a treat to see Gwynth Paltrow in a deeper role, especially in an action sequence which is hard to come by for female actors. It was nice to see the actual relationship between Pepper Potts and Tony Stark, a superhero. The fact that Pepper was not a trophy wife or girlfriend, a recurring theme in most superhero films, was a fresh and more respectable perspective.

In contrast, I did feel that the 3D feature was quite unnecessary and I could have enjoyed the film equally without the uncomfortable dark-tinted glasses nonetheless, it did not pull away from the film in anyway. In my opinion, the most spectacular scene was the entry of the #42 Iron Man suits as an Iron Man army in themselves. The technological advancements and especially, J.A.R.V.I.S found new respect from me.

With all the guaranteed witty dialogues, due to the presence of RDJ, and a fantastically relatable aspect, I will  give Iron Man 3 - 5/5 stars 

Anyway, I will be reviewing any book/movie/song/tv show once a week so feel free to suggest anything that you might want me to review. Till next time....#YouKnowWhoIAm #keep flying

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Baby, don't go : Best Friends Forever

Does it really exist anymore? Best friends...forever? I don't be a pessimist but I really haven't seen two friends keep together long enough for it to even remotely be forever. No one. I suppose its because our concept of 'best friends' is faulty. And because we think things never change. As Peyton [One Tree Hill] says: People Always Leave. Its because we can't accept who've they've changed into. Change isn't necessarily bad just different; its just evolution. Plus, no matter how stagnant you consider change. Every year; Every month; Every day; Every hour; Every minute you evolve into someone different. Not always completely just a little. 

Now, back to our concept of 'best friends'...

Ask yourself truly...WHO is a best friend? It would of course be best that you don't base your answer on the memes and photos circulate on the internet. They basically make it important for you best friend to be crazy like you making witty jokes and punching other people for you, which too an extent may be true. However, I feel that a best friend is a friend who listens. I think we all lack that one friend that truly LISTENS. Not just about boys and clothes but about your greatest fears and strengths, your dreams and your weaknesses, your expectations and your reality. 

It doesn't mean that you best friend has to give you some revolutionary advice that no one else had given because contrary to popular belief, being a best friend doesn't make a person a genius in matters of the world that eluded them previously. Nor does it have the same effect on you. But if you jut stood there and listened without becoming distracted or turning the topic to yourself....if you've genuinely listened, you're my best friend. I don't want to expect much because its wrong to expect things from others. We form all these expectations and when they don't occur in reality, we get upset. However, if we're not mind readers, every body has different ideas so how do we expect anyone to actually fulfill our desires.

My suggestion, hold your friend close, till you squeeze them of air but never judge them for change, because change is inevitable. Till then #keep reading. #lotsalove #keeprollin'

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#yolo, really?

I resignedly sighed back home after a tiring and laborious day and then, collapsed into my bed. I should be exhausted, I had an exam to give yet I feel not only mentally exhausted, but also, physically and emotionally. Why? I was in love and I saw him today. Yes, I always receive collective look of pity every time I say that but no matter how hard we try and how strenuously we side step the deep, painful chasms of love - we always slip. 

Damn! - I know. My question is - why do we make it so hard for ourselves? Why are there all these rules and dos and don'ts and right and wrongs? Why? If I like someone, I will attend to him, no matter, what my situation is. I'll take out time to listen. Is it really necessary to wait at least seven  minutes to reply to a text? Or to not look out for him out in the crowd and behave nonchalantly about us. Why on earth?

The internet, at this moment is flooded with 4,260,000 posts on #yolo, if I am to believe Google. I, myself, have a board on pinterest tagged #yoloo. It is, ofcourse, a hashtag that stands for the inspirational "You live only once" which has been incessantly criticised by several but, I find myself agreeing with. Isn't that how we have been advised to live, right? To live like everyday is your last? So, why doesn't this apply to love? 

We, humans, prance around the entire world, risking our lives as we do crazy things yet we think a thousand times and ask every single friend and then surf the net and spend hours contemplating to ourselves when we just have to say 'I Love You'. Just say it. It might hurt when its not reciprocated but at least it will hurt less than spending all your energy keeping it within yourself and losing that one person that you feel strongly for. I am as guilty as everyone else of playing mind games but, it's now or never. Life is meant to be lived and even for the risk of appearing needy, just do what you need to. 'Cause what seems to you may not seem to another.

So that's it for now. Hope you liked it. #Yolo

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Do people even read?

I almost feel like I'm conforming to the norms of society as I type out my first blog post. Why? All my friends have blogs! Okay maybe not all but a majority of them and I feel no different yet here I am typing out my question for the day - Do people even read? I continue to type out this in hope that some of you who surf the internet, actually take time out to read what we write on these blogs. I only hope. I mean, I sure don't read blogs except those of my nagging friends but in my defense, my room is overwhelmed with books.

With the invention on pinterest, instagram, facebook, tumblr & twitter, I feel that people prefer to upload pictures rather than write or read. And slowly, our patience to sit and follow the lines of an unchanging book is rapidly decreasing. Which brings me to my next dilemma. So, the other day, after much contemplation, I decided that I wish to be a travel journalist and promptly announced it to my mother. While, watching Travel and Living on television, she pointed out the advertisement of a fairly new show in which the contestants are required to travel and click pictures to win the contest, and asked me whether I was going to become a photographing journalist and it is at that moment that I realised the biggest, most humongous and glaring flaw in my future plans - who reads travel?

If I wished to travel somewhere I would not search for articles relating to it but pictures of my desired destination. Moreover, more popularly, the shows on television that have beautiful women traveling to exotic locations are more attractive ways of finding out about your dream destinations. So who reads at all?

I do feel slightly old and out dated as I reflect on the kind of hobbies I keep. I am in a process of advancing myself but if you have any views at all, do share with me so that I have somewhere to start.

That's all folks! #keep reading

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