Monday, 29 April 2013

Do people even read?

I almost feel like I'm conforming to the norms of society as I type out my first blog post. Why? All my friends have blogs! Okay maybe not all but a majority of them and I feel no different yet here I am typing out my question for the day - Do people even read? I continue to type out this in hope that some of you who surf the internet, actually take time out to read what we write on these blogs. I only hope. I mean, I sure don't read blogs except those of my nagging friends but in my defense, my room is overwhelmed with books.

With the invention on pinterest, instagram, facebook, tumblr & twitter, I feel that people prefer to upload pictures rather than write or read. And slowly, our patience to sit and follow the lines of an unchanging book is rapidly decreasing. Which brings me to my next dilemma. So, the other day, after much contemplation, I decided that I wish to be a travel journalist and promptly announced it to my mother. While, watching Travel and Living on television, she pointed out the advertisement of a fairly new show in which the contestants are required to travel and click pictures to win the contest, and asked me whether I was going to become a photographing journalist and it is at that moment that I realised the biggest, most humongous and glaring flaw in my future plans - who reads travel?

If I wished to travel somewhere I would not search for articles relating to it but pictures of my desired destination. Moreover, more popularly, the shows on television that have beautiful women traveling to exotic locations are more attractive ways of finding out about your dream destinations. So who reads at all?

I do feel slightly old and out dated as I reflect on the kind of hobbies I keep. I am in a process of advancing myself but if you have any views at all, do share with me so that I have somewhere to start.

That's all folks! #keep reading

P.S: Leave a comment to tell me how you felt about this update. #lotsoflavh