Friday, 27 September 2013

Sometimes, everyone just needs some distance...

Sometimes, everyone just needs some distance...

I realise I might not be putting up any posts but I just can't. I have my end of school exams and I have absolutely no time to entertain you guys right now. But, I will...(I also realise that it grammatically incorrect to start a sentence with 'but', but what the heck). Having said that, I was feeling kind of conflicted today and one of my closest friends updated a blog post and that gave me the idea to write a post too. So, here I am...

I gave an online test, which was not really a test but a sort of quiz that judges your personality on the basis of a couple of questions. It seemed pretty accurate. It told me that I was halfway between an Extrovert and an Introvert, which I had realised a couple of times in the past. I love my friends and their company and I love socials but, I'm not a fan of hanging out everyday and sometimes, I like to sit back and read through a good book. I have a couple of really close friends but the problem is, I don't know if we really are best friends.

It used to be a big group of about ten people and slowly, people starting leaving and changing and before we knew it, it was just the five of us. Don't get me wrong, I prefer us now but, sometimes I wonder if all of us are really friends or just...just pretending to be. It's great in movies and soaps and books, you eventually figure out who your 'true' friends are but in real life, and you have probably figured, it's not that easy. I don't think they know who I am. I share their interests and everything but sometimes, I feel like they just don't get me. Honestly, it's just a feeling and I have no proof whatsoever...but, it just feels so.

Some say school friends last for life because they are they only ones who are with you when you grow into the person you are. They are the only ones who don't become friends with you for who you are or what your job is or how much you earn. I've been with them long enough but, I wonder- will it last? I feel this strange sort of unease. I wish we could really be the How I Met Your Mother of real life but when, Barney's brother asked Robin, "Do you think your relationship is so fragile?", she said " I don't want to find out." And honestly, neither do I. And then sometimes I feel I they really care about me? Any advice, anyone?

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