Monday, 29 April 2013

ReviewThisWeek: IRON MAN 3 [spoiler]

Hi guys!
Okay so I am a HUGE Robert Downey Jr fan and subsequently an Iron Man fan, the third installment of which released only last week! I was really excited but also, a tad bit apprehensive specially since, there was a giant furor on its release. Usually, sequels create massive anticipation but never live up to the standards. On the contrary Iron Man 3 was absolutely fantastic!

There was a genuine story! This is a huge problem with movies nowadays - the lack of a good script. The film had a really good plot which was  maintained till the end and wasn't abandoned half way through the film. Furthermore, there was enough action AKA boom pow phew for the people looking forward to good action sequences. What was absolutely brilliant here was the twist in the story with the Mandarin only being the face of the villainous side. On the contrary, he was only a goofy, drug-addicted theater artist [Played by Ben Kingsley]. It provided a hilarious new aspect to the film. Some people might have felt that a few things seemed slightly inconceivable but, what was kept in mind during the production of the film was that this was post-Avengers, which means post-two gods and an army of aliens, movie.

The acting was absolutely fantastic and what a treat to see Gwynth Paltrow in a deeper role, especially in an action sequence which is hard to come by for female actors. It was nice to see the actual relationship between Pepper Potts and Tony Stark, a superhero. The fact that Pepper was not a trophy wife or girlfriend, a recurring theme in most superhero films, was a fresh and more respectable perspective.

In contrast, I did feel that the 3D feature was quite unnecessary and I could have enjoyed the film equally without the uncomfortable dark-tinted glasses nonetheless, it did not pull away from the film in anyway. In my opinion, the most spectacular scene was the entry of the #42 Iron Man suits as an Iron Man army in themselves. The technological advancements and especially, J.A.R.V.I.S found new respect from me.

With all the guaranteed witty dialogues, due to the presence of RDJ, and a fantastically relatable aspect, I will  give Iron Man 3 - 5/5 stars 

Anyway, I will be reviewing any book/movie/song/tv show once a week so feel free to suggest anything that you might want me to review. Till next time....#YouKnowWhoIAm #keep flying

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