Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bad show : The Big Bang Theory?

I was reading an article entitled '8 TV Shows We Can’t Believe Get Such High Ratings' and guess which show was on it?! Yes, The Big Bang Theory.

The author wrote - "I’ve watched it. Multiple episodes. I don’t get the appeal. It’s pleasant enough to have on in the background while you’re occupied with something else, but do people really schedule this show into their lives and pay attention to it? The characters are grating, the storylines are the opposite of inventive, and the jokes are blah. Plus, it takes a really good show these days to convince me to sit through a laugh track. This doesn’t do it."

 I obviously do not agree with the views of Miss Jill O’Rourke because frankly speaking TBBT is one of the better shows playing on television today. I absolutely tired of shows that have innumerable heart stopping moments, countless over the top gadgets and a truck load of action scenes. Plus, aren't you tired of crime-fighting shows?

TBBT is one of the those shows you can sit on a lazy Sunday and laugh your way through. So the story line might not be 'inventive' but that's the appeal of the show plus, those nerdy jokes? They take skill and research. They're fantastic. Stephen Hawking thought so!

The characters are grating? Don't you find it absurd how absurd Sheldon is and how much more absurd he makes you feel? I still don't understand why sometimes I feel so tenderly towards Sheldon when it was just in the episode before that, that I wanted to throw him off the roof! He embodies those real life people who annoy us to the extent that we want to wring their necks but their behaviour isn't their fault at all. Leonard, Raj and Howard, Bernadette, Penny and Amy all contain a little bit of reality and really that has been amplified and made into characters. Are the characters 'grating' because they're true?

TBBT is what it is. It's fun, nerdy, intelligent, annoying, slightly provocative and absolute genius. Plus, Sheldon is totally the Spock of today...HOW COOL IS THAT? I suppose you have to be slightly nerdy yourself to watch the show but well...

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