Saturday, 16 November 2013

Viral Video - The Epic Split

This advertisement by Volvo has had over 8.6 million views on Youtube. It has gone absolutely viral! It shows Jean Claude Van Damme, the 56-year-old action hero, balancing himself between two trucks cruising backwards down a highway. The ad demonstrates the effectiveness of Volvo's Dynamic Steering in which the distance between the trucks gradually increases till Van Damme is in position of a perfect split.

Apparently, there has been no use of special effects in the making of this video..what do you think? I've started noticing special effects even in things that don't need them so the claim that apart from airbrushing the safety lines for Van Damme no effects were used is hard to believe but not impossible.

Don't you think there's an awful amount of special effects being used especially to dupe the audience? For exampleL Miranda Kerr Photoshop Confusion.

Anyway, it's a nice video...I think...what do you think?

Thanks for reading!

P.s And here's the video -