Monday, 29 April 2013

Baby, don't go : Best Friends Forever

Does it really exist anymore? Best friends...forever? I don't be a pessimist but I really haven't seen two friends keep together long enough for it to even remotely be forever. No one. I suppose its because our concept of 'best friends' is faulty. And because we think things never change. As Peyton [One Tree Hill] says: People Always Leave. Its because we can't accept who've they've changed into. Change isn't necessarily bad just different; its just evolution. Plus, no matter how stagnant you consider change. Every year; Every month; Every day; Every hour; Every minute you evolve into someone different. Not always completely just a little. 

Now, back to our concept of 'best friends'...

Ask yourself truly...WHO is a best friend? It would of course be best that you don't base your answer on the memes and photos circulate on the internet. They basically make it important for you best friend to be crazy like you making witty jokes and punching other people for you, which too an extent may be true. However, I feel that a best friend is a friend who listens. I think we all lack that one friend that truly LISTENS. Not just about boys and clothes but about your greatest fears and strengths, your dreams and your weaknesses, your expectations and your reality. 

It doesn't mean that you best friend has to give you some revolutionary advice that no one else had given because contrary to popular belief, being a best friend doesn't make a person a genius in matters of the world that eluded them previously. Nor does it have the same effect on you. But if you jut stood there and listened without becoming distracted or turning the topic to yourself....if you've genuinely listened, you're my best friend. I don't want to expect much because its wrong to expect things from others. We form all these expectations and when they don't occur in reality, we get upset. However, if we're not mind readers, every body has different ideas so how do we expect anyone to actually fulfill our desires.

My suggestion, hold your friend close, till you squeeze them of air but never judge them for change, because change is inevitable. Till then #keep reading. #lotsalove #keeprollin'

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