Monday, 25 November 2013

The Aarushi Talwar Case

I double checked my doors tonight before slipping into bed. I was scared of the slightest noise, even of my own shadow because today we revisited the horrors of the Aarushi Talwar case. It isn't over; it hasn't been over for years but today it came back as breaking news. The CBI declared the parents guilty and tomorrow might be the conclusion to this woeful tale of a 14-year old girl. If the CBI is right then, what have we become? Unsafe within our homes.

Aarushi was fourteen about to celebrate her fifteenth birthday soon. She was just a child. She was messaging her friends, reading books, taking 'selfies' and being the girl she was only to meet such a painful and horrifying death. It does make you wonder things. Her death wasn't the only tragic thing that happened to her, while some say she was sexually assaulted before her being killed; others malign her name by making her a willing accomplice in a sexual encounter with a 45 year old man. I'm not saying it cannot happen, I'm saying that she was a child. Children make mistakes. It might've been a grave one but it was what it was...a mistake.

The Inspector on the case, General Gurdarshan Singh, said, “He killed her in a fit of rage even though his character was just as poor as his daughter’s (for her relationship with Hemraj).” How dare he comment on her character without knowing her even a bit. How dare he accuse a child of having a morally unacceptable character! She was a child. Children don't have character, they have lessons. How can he comment upon such a sensitive matter with such insensitivity? How on earth can he blame his incapability on the innocence of childhood.

How many of our days are numbered? When we are young, we feel invincible. We feel like nothing can touch us, least of all death but death and misfortune don't care about age nor they do about your plans. They just ambush you; catch you in your unawares and in a blink of an eye all your planning is lost.

Imagine giving birth and nourishing a child for almost fifteen years. Loving her, feeding her, bathing her, teaching her, giving her life and then being blamed for her death. I have no sides. I do not know who committed the crime and I offer no arguments. However for one moment can we pause and think to the predicament of two parents who lost their life to a couple of hours. The human in me appeals to the gods above, if they exist, let it not be the parents. Let it not be the parents because then I might as well leave the doors to my house open; let it not be the parents because then no one can stop us from losing fate in humanity; let it not be the parents because it is the worst possible thing to happen to a child.

We differentiate ourselves from animals but if it the parents, then we are nothing but animals. I know this post is all  over the place but I have written in a flow of emotion because it could have been me. I can only pray now that there exists a god and he is willing to listen to the plight of humanity. Let it not be the parents.