Monday, 29 April 2013

#yolo, really?

I resignedly sighed back home after a tiring and laborious day and then, collapsed into my bed. I should be exhausted, I had an exam to give yet I feel not only mentally exhausted, but also, physically and emotionally. Why? I was in love and I saw him today. Yes, I always receive collective look of pity every time I say that but no matter how hard we try and how strenuously we side step the deep, painful chasms of love - we always slip. 

Damn! - I know. My question is - why do we make it so hard for ourselves? Why are there all these rules and dos and don'ts and right and wrongs? Why? If I like someone, I will attend to him, no matter, what my situation is. I'll take out time to listen. Is it really necessary to wait at least seven  minutes to reply to a text? Or to not look out for him out in the crowd and behave nonchalantly about us. Why on earth?

The internet, at this moment is flooded with 4,260,000 posts on #yolo, if I am to believe Google. I, myself, have a board on pinterest tagged #yoloo. It is, ofcourse, a hashtag that stands for the inspirational "You live only once" which has been incessantly criticised by several but, I find myself agreeing with. Isn't that how we have been advised to live, right? To live like everyday is your last? So, why doesn't this apply to love? 

We, humans, prance around the entire world, risking our lives as we do crazy things yet we think a thousand times and ask every single friend and then surf the net and spend hours contemplating to ourselves when we just have to say 'I Love You'. Just say it. It might hurt when its not reciprocated but at least it will hurt less than spending all your energy keeping it within yourself and losing that one person that you feel strongly for. I am as guilty as everyone else of playing mind games but, it's now or never. Life is meant to be lived and even for the risk of appearing needy, just do what you need to. 'Cause what seems to you may not seem to another.

So that's it for now. Hope you liked it. #Yolo

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