Sunday, 5 July 2015

There's Something About You - Yashodhara Lal

Title: There's Something About You
Author: Yashodhara Lal
Publisher: Harper Collins India
Tentative Release date: July 15th 2015 (Preorder @ Flipkart - Get 25% off)
Language: English
No. Of Pages: 268 pages

Lal's 'There's Something About You'  is the story of 28 year old - overweight, underachieving and unattached - Trish who's life comes crashing down when she is fired one day. As they say, there's no way but up, the chicklit follows Trish as she is forced to "get off [her] butt and do something about [her] problem[s]."
"After all, it was a fake-it-till-you-make-it kind of world. Especially if you were a single twenty-eight-year-old woman with two dependent parents and no job in the unforgiving city of Mumbai."
Trish's problems in varying levels of priority:
  • Unemployment (hence, impending money problems)
  • an unwell father (+medical bills), 
  • a sharp tongued mother,
  • a psycho psychic love interest,
  • an over-dramatic neighbour/best friend (+kid who needs to be babysat),
  • temperamental maid,
  • and a bitchy new boss,
  • minor problems incl. weight (Etc.)
While the story is intended to be a love story, evident from the cover and blurb, the main plotline revolves more around Trish's day-to-day issues rather than her love interest. Sahil, a potential match, makes fleeting appearances now and then and his relationship with the protagonist progresses dramatically between each arrival. Their relationship is endearing but, largely unexplored. Instead, you can expect to read more about the transformation of Trish's life from ordinary to extraordinary.

Trish's father is the most engaging character, providing relief from Trish's unending whining and her mother's constant complaining. As much as the author has tried to make Trish relatable, the protagonist remains disconnected from the reader as she often comes across as rude, impetuous and selfish.

"Dear DD,
There comes a time in every woman's life when she has to decide to grow up."

'There's Something About You' is not an unfamiliar plotline but, it is weaved in a way that is refreshing. It is a transformative tale that touches upon a variety of feelings that women go through in their life; it is a story of a modern woman making her own way. An absolute one-time read, I will recommend this book for hardcore chicklit lovers.

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