Friday, 17 July 2015

10 Reasons It's OK To Stay In A Relationship (Even If You Know It's Going To End)

So remember that Thought Catalog article I read?

There was another topic that seriously caught my eye and this time I intend to be completely serious about it (unlike last time) because people don't say it enough:-

1. You like him/her - Just because a relationship is going to end doesn't mean you like him/her any less than you would like someone in a lasting relationship. At this point in life, s/he's the one and so let them be.

2. You're better with him/her than without - I am currently in a relationship which is 99.9999..% going to end but, I'd still rather be with him than without. Trust me, I've tried. This means that I am happy in the relationship and why should I deny either of us the right to be happy.

3. You'll learn more about the kind of people you like (or don't like) - How do you know you don't like sushi till you try it?

4. You'll learn more about yourself - I've learnt that I'm mature and passionate and I've grown so much as a person. Would it have been possible without him? Not entirely.

5. Most relationships are going to end - Every relationship you get into before your final one (and sometimes even then) is going to end. Just because you know this one will end does not make it any less real.

6. You could be wrong - You are human. Maybe you think you are not going to work together but turn out to be perfect for each other. You won't know till you take the risk.

7. You both need support - Sometimes, in life,  you need support and your boyfriend can be that one person to listen to you rant, to take care of you when you are sick and travel with you to foreign lands.

8. To be able to show off - Hey, you are in a relationship! That's a big deal!

9. Meet new people - I've made so many new friends through my boyfriend and my exes. Especially when they have an entirely separate group of friends. Who knows, maybe someone you meet through him/her turns out to be a constant in your life.

10. To discourage the creep - This is a fun one. Remember that one creepy guy who you can't seem to shake off? Your boyfriend can deal with him.

Have a good time and enjoy the feeling of being with them!