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Love among the Bookshelves - Ruskin Bond

Title: Love among the Bookshelves
Author: Ruskin Bond      
Publisher: Penguin
Imprint: Viking
Price: Rs, 210  Rs. 195/-
ISBN-13 9780670087341
ISBN-10 0670087343
Language: English
No. Of pages: 200 pgs
Also available as: eBook - (Rs.179)

Anybody who's ever read a book has read Ruskin Bond. Perhaps I am wrong to assume and I should rephrase that: anyone who has ever willingly read a book, should've have read Ruskin Bond. The engrossing Rusty Run Away and the captivating Room on the Roof are essential for children and even for adults who wish to revive the child within them.

For ages Ruskin Bond, not only through his characters like the famous protagonist Rusty, a reflection of the author's younger self, but also through his words, has taken his readers across to the hills of Dehradun and Mussorie; across schools; and lives. Love among the Bookshelves is glimpse into who in turn inspired Ruskin Bond into writing, creating and inspiring millions across the world.

He pulls us back into his younger days when he discovered the greats such as P.G Woodehouse, Charles Dickens, Joseph Conrad and Agathe Christie to name a few. This part memoir, part anthology is a wonderful read if one is ever siting free on a rainy day. The compelling story of the author from the beginning when he was introduced to books intertwined with excerpts from his favourite books make for a relaxing read.

The cover and the name of the book are especially cute. For a reader such as myself, it sent my heart racing.

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Love among the Bookshelves
Reviewed by Sanya Mathur on Jul 26 2014
Rating: 4.8