Wednesday, 15 July 2015

7 Ways To Stop Your Boyfriend From Losing Weight Faster Than You

So I was on Thought Catalog (who isn't?) and I saw this:-

And then I saw this:-


7 Ways To Stop Your Boyfriend From Losing Weight Faster Than You

I picked this listicle because I am legitimately facing this problem right now. Also, because it seems more fun that the other thing that I am supposed to be doing. The problem with boys  men is that they tend to be obsessed with sports and gymming no matter what age and only women know how hard it is to be a woman and do physical exercise. Between hormones, boobs and periods, exercise is hell. The point is not to be skinny, just to be skinnier than your boyfriend. Because I intend to be as unhelpful as possible, I am going to give you 7 instead of 10 easy steps to achieve this goal.

1. If you're a live-in, you're in a advantage because you can negate his exercise by feeding him excessive calories -  Add extra mayo to his sandwich and hide all the veggies. Stock the fridge with sweet goodies - cakes, cupcakes, and croissants. You know the drill.

2. If you're not in a live-in then take calorie-laden food with you whenever you see him. He'll think, you're pampering him and you'll get away with a few less hours of exercise.

3. Eat out ALOT and make sure he doesn't pick the healthy meals. Pick his meals for him!

4. Encourage binge drinking with buddies because you know the alcohol packs on the calories. Or provide endless rounds of beer in case on date or staying-in.

5. Try to get him pregnant - encourage to forego protection this one time (or more till desired outcome is achieved.)

6. Encourage boyfriend to let go and love his body as it is - with belly and all.

7. All of the Above

BONUS - Actually follow a healthy diet and a proper workout regime...NAH!

[Sorryyy guys!]