Thursday, 16 April 2015

Daddy's Girl - Margie Orford

Daddy's Girl by Margie Oxford was published in 2011 but only just got my hands on a copy and I am mildly impressed. It is gritty and depressing yet quite compelling which is was forced me to finish the book as fast I could manage.

The plot is based around the disappearance of a nine year old girl who is ace cop of the Cape Town's Gang Unit Riedwaan Faizal's daughter. As a result of his attitude he comes under the radar and so left without any choice, he enlists the help of investigative journalist Dr Clare Hart. The book is set against the backdrop of poverty and violence and there is a kind of authenticity to it that it chilling. It is quite impressive to read.

However, the book begins quite vaguely and this vagueness continues to plague the author's style of writing making the scenes, at times, quite difficult to understand. The book, however, is still very gripping. It alternates in perspective between Capt. Faizal,, and Dr Hart, but is not restricted to these two characters. We also see flashes the young girl's thought process once she's been abducted, and the harrowing experience of two young girls who've seen more dark times life than most ever do. There are quite some inconsistencies caused by poor editing of the book but all in all, it's an enjoyable book to read if crime novels interest you.

If you enjoy this book, Margie Orford has several other books and a series based around Dr Clare Hart which have also been on the bestseller list. Check them out!