Monday, 31 March 2014

BeCuz I'm Happy

It is a prevalent mindset that I have noticed quite a few times no doubt arising in West: if it's sad, it's better. This can apply to everything and anything - movies, book, songs and even dogs (makes it easier to convince people to adopt it). The fact is that most sad things make people equally sad. However, most happy things don't make all people equally happy. 

My aunt's friend's daughter's cat got a cold. I'm sad
Person 1: I'm sorry! It'll be okay.
Person 2: That's terrible. Did she take it to the vet?
Person 3: I remember when my uncle had a cold. It was awful. All that snot, sniffing, coughing...terrible! He died of a brain tumour then. (A.N: WHAT? That is so unrelated.)
Person 4: Oh poor animals! Curse the humans.

My point being that everyone is equally upset that my aunt's friend's daughter's cat has a cold. However, if I were to say:
That is funny. No? Made my day!
Person 1: Hilarious! Hahah! Can you breath through it! Classic!
Person 2: Ew You have such a dirty mind
Person 3: Agreed! That was sooo lame!
Person 4: You call that a joke.

See? No universal sadness. Jokes are either too funny; too lame; too dirty; too racist; too old; too obvious; mean; etc etc

Okay back to seriousness:
People love being sad. Honestly, no offence, but John Greene's The Fault in Our Stars is the single most unremarkable piece of literature I have read. Yet, it continues to top charts. Why? THE KID HAS CANCER HOW CAN WE EVER SAY THAT THE BOOK IS TERRIBLE? (note: sarcasm). It is as true as it gets. The sad films always get the Oscar, the books always top the bestseller lists, the songs always are on top of billboards...even comedians are given lesser credit than serious/sad/grim (+atrociously made) documentaries (sometimes not even those). Yes, the story is sad and I have deep respect for all the atrocities and unfairness faced by people in life but that doesn't necessarily mean that when that is converted in to commercialized media, any of its original sentiment is left. Badly written books are badly written books; sad or not.

It is a universal fact that, it's harder to pretend you're sad than to pretend you're happy. It is also, harder to make people laugh than to make people cry. SOME DUE CREDIT TO COMEDIANS HERE.

On a side note, HIMYM is ending. Let me go cry.

I'm out.