Sunday, 13 April 2014

Foreign Things That Are Not Actually Foreign

I was watching Queen the other day. (On a side note: It's a great movie.) So Kangana makes and serves French Toast to her foreign friends (one of who is French) and he says, 'I am from France. This is not French.' She tells him that it's only available in India and this got me thinking, there are so many dishes in other cuisines (mostly chinese) that are completely Indian and served ONLY in India.

For instance, Honey Chilli Potato, which is like heaven on a plate - I kid you not - it is a-mazing. But you can only find it in India. It is a vegetarian version of sweet and spicy chicken and since, no place is more vegetarian than India - we make potato. (Haterz gonna hate; potatoes gonna potate)

Then there's the Chowmein (also pronounced Cho-min) - it is a oily, spicy, Indian street friendly version of Hakka noddles and I assure you, you will find it no where else in the world. Also, no other dish is more capable of giving you heartburn than this variety of newdles (overheard local pronunciation of noodles).

Of course, we've discussed, the French Toast - bread dipped egg and then lightly browned in oil. Of course the even desi-er version includes chilli (how can we live without masala man?), tomatoes and every mummy's favourite garnish, hara dhaniya (fresh coriander).

And lastly, there is the French Fries which are more American than French. Everybody from the neighbourhood aanti (aunty) to cousins from Canada are fond of these fried potato. It is universal food. If they don't eat anything alse (else), make fraanch fries ji!